Investment Strategies

AGGRESSIVE GROWTH -A method of portfolio allocation focused on equities (mutual funds /stocks) often known as a capital growth strategy, since investors seek to maximize their capital gains; this objective involves investing in individual equities whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to its industry or the market overall, as well as, mutual funds whose investment objective is to invest in companies and sectors which are growing faster than their peers, where the benefits are usually in the form of capital gains rather than dividends.

This Strategy is intended for investors who can tolerate above average risk. 

CONSERVATIVE VALUE GROWTH– A method of portfolio allocation focused on value oriented and dividend growth securities (High dividend, low debt, long term consistent earnings and dividend growth).  Investment objective will be 85%-90% in stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)

This Strategy is intended for investors who can tolerate moderate  risk.

BALANCED – A method of portfolio allocation designed to provide income and capital appreciation while avoiding excessive risk; this objective involves investing in 75% equities (mutual funds/stocks) and 25% fixed income (bonds/cash) and is geared toward investors who want a balanced mixture of safety, income, and modest capital appreciation.

This Strategy is intended for investors who want a mix of safety and moderate risk.

CONSERVATIVE  I & II A method of portfolio allocation utilizing a risk averse  investment objective which has preservation of capital as its highest priority; this  objective involves 40% (Con I) to 60% (Con II) fixed income (bonds/cash)  investments encompassing the majority of the portfolio, while adding  conservative equity investments (mutual funds/stocks) in either 60% (Con I) or  40% (Con II) allocations.

This Strategy is intended for investors who desire minimal risk.


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